Rates to Hire our Space


The gallery and boardroom 23 Atholl Crescent can be booked by the hour, the session, the day or the week. We can also offer a Gallery Hire ‘Box Office Split’ which is discretionary on application.


Weekly rental (excluding Edinburgh Fringe) – £400

Weekly rental  (Edinburgh Fringe) – £750

Weekend rental (Saturday and Sunday) – £200

Day rate (Saturday, Sunday)- £150

Day rate (Monday-Friday)- £100

Gallery week day sessions

Day (M-F, 9am- 5pm) – £20

Day (M-F, 6pm- 11pm) – £30

Day (Saturday, Sunday, 9am- 6pm) – £275

Evening (M-F, 6pm- 11pm) – £60

Evening (Saturday, Sunday, 6pm- 11pm) – £125






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