Street Style


JUNE 16 – JULY 6, 2017

Gallery 23

23 Atholl Crescent Edinburgh, EH3 8HQ

Tel. (0131) 229 1528

Street Art is a movement considered to have emerged from the grassroots urban street of the late 1960s – 1980s. Much of what can now be defined as modern street art has its origins dating from New York City’s graffiti boom that peaked with the vibrant spraypainted full-car subway train murals in the Bronx in the 1980s. Often political in nature and unsanctioned until recently, street art celebrated the energy of the inner city, frequently illuminating social problems with a poignant or wry sense of humour.

The term ‘Street Style’ includes art, but also encompasses fashion-inspired culture and includes a wide range of media merged with techniques of graphic design. Street style has always existed. It is, however, only since the mid-1950s that its significance has been recognized, valued, and emulated. Where modern-day graffiti revolves around text-based subject matter or stencilled or photorealist images, street style is far more open and involves street youths adopting a ‘performance persona’ in which they become identified with a certain tribe.

The youth of Scotland’s cities (particularly in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee and Aberdeen) begin to produce graffiti and mural art around the mid to late 80s, much influenced by colourful, American Hip Hop style. Incorporating names, characters and intricate calligraphy, their style was also tied to the local DJ club scenes. Yet, today local murals James Klinge (Klingatron), Sam Bates (Smug), Rogue-one, and others are internationally recognised artists in their own right. Moreover, the recent multitude of widespread commissions in Scotland for widespread mural projects by street artists in high profile sites illustrates that the genre is now a beloved fixture of the Scottish urban landscape.

Gallery 23’s Street Style exhibition will explore the multitude of street inspired art and design found throughout the United Kingdom today.

The exhibition opening will be held at the gallery’s West End location on Friday, June 16, from 6:30-9:30.

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